Jay Izso

Jay Izso 

ITHACA – Author, speaker and business consultant Jay Izso is returning to his hometown with his newest book in hand.

The man who now calls North Carolina home is ready to unveil his fourth book, “Lessons from the Farm: Essential Rules for Success.”

Izso will be back in Ithaca to help the town celebrate its sesquicentennial June 2 and will also do a presentation on his latest book at the Saunders County Museum in Wahoo that day.

Izso said this new book of his, which should be available by the time of his presentation, is centered on helping people move forward with their lives in a successful direction.

“It’s about 20 lessons I carried with me into my business from my time as a farmhand in Ithaca,” he said.

The book provides lessons that can serve as examples to the readers. These lessons include pushing forward. rather than stopping and waiting for the fear of the unknown to pass. Another lesson he shares is one moment can change your life completely and how to make the best of it.

“I wanted to inspire others to be better, to read this and walk away being better for it,” Izso said.

The Wahoo High School graduate said it took him around three months to finish putting his lessons to paper and properly convey the messages he wanted to provide.

Prior to writing this book, Izso said he mostly wrote about social media. His other books include Got Social Mediology, the Social Media Playbook for Student Athletes and the Social Media Playbook for Coaches and Administrators.

“I’d be inspired to write something and then I’d write,” Izso said.

But eventually, he started to think about all the things he did during an average day that were affected by the things he learned from his farming experiences.

He said once he started studying his own daily interactions, there were a large number of things affected by what he learned. He began writing down these lessons, which eventually became his newest book.

Over the last 20 years, Izso has made presentations on a variety of different topics during his work as an author, speaker, business consultant and podcaster.

He has a Master’s of Science in experimental psychology from Washington State University and has taught psychology for more than 29 years. He has taught at at Washington State University and North Carolina State University. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Association for Consumer Research and the National Association of Realtors and was awarded the Innovative Instructor of the Year at ECPI University in 2011

He said he also enjoyed talking about the things he has learned and speaking at group events, business meetings or conferences across the nation to pass on those lessons to those who may need them. He has spoken at gatherings for Arch Mortgage Insurance, Gilliam and Associates Realty of North Carolina and L’Amour Toujours Holistic Center in California.

Earlier this month, he returned to give the featured speech at Doane College, where he earned a degree in psychology and marketing, graduating in 1987.

He said he told the graduating class about his own experiences, about his life growing up in a small town, about graduating from Doane, about the trials he faced and about his successes and failures.

“It’s the unexpected life you will live that will be the most awesome,” Izso said.

He will be sharing some of those same lessons when he returns to Ithaca next month.

Izso will be the master of ceremonies for the Saturday, June 1 parade. Following the parade, he will do a book signing.

“I’ll be meeting people and be part of the celebration,” Izso said.

The next day, he will be at the museum for a 2 p.m. book presentation and signing.

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