CENTER OF DISCUSSION: Coordinator Diana Kerwin-Kubr (right) hands Administrative  Assistant Annette Sousek one of promotional books for Southeast Community College. They are overseeing the classes at SCC’s Learning Center at Wahoo. (Staff Photo by Lisa Brichacek)

WAHOO – Diana Kerwin-Kubr has a little different routine now in the mornings.

For the past 33 years, the Wahoo woman got up and got on the road to where ever she was working for Metro Community College.

And, now what does she do in the morning?

“Everybody keeps asking me that,” said the new coordinator for Southeast Community College’s Learning Center in Wahoo.

The commute to work is now just to downtown Wahoo.

“I can take a few minutes to watch the news and sip some coffee. It’s a lot more relaxing,” Kerwin-Kubr said.

But just because her mornings are a bit more relaxed, don’t expect any less intensity or passion for her work at a community college.

Kerwin-Kubr said she worked at Metro Community College for more than three decades because she truly believes in the community college system.

“At a community college, we have a special role in the community,” she said.

Whether that role fulfills a need for college credit classes or non-credit, leisure learning a community college helps meet the needs of the community.

Kerwin-Kubr has been a part of learning in several communities over the years and she held a multitude of titles for Metro. She was a part of the college’s campuses in Bellevue, Elkhorn and Fremont. She has worked at testing centers, been in administration and served as dean of special projects.

She said she would have been quite happy to continue serving the students at Metro. But, then she saw SCC’s job opening for coordinator at the Learning Center in Wahoo.

“I am excited,” she said. “I had a great career at Metro, but it just seemed like a dream come true, a job come true.”

After being tapped as the successful candidate, Kerwin-Kubr, a Cedar Bluffs native, began her new job in June.

The first few weeks have been learning the ropes and her new responsibilities. Even though she is very familiar with a community college sitting, she said there are still certain aspects of the job and SCC’s system that she is getting acquainted with.

She is also getting better acquainted with the people and businesses in Wahoo. While she and her husband have lived here and had a business here, she said one of her first goals is to get out, meet people and bring awareness to the Learning Center in town.

One of her responsibilities as coordinator will be to line up the classes that are offered at the Learning Center. But, Kerwin-Kubr said that responsibility comes with keeping an ear in the community.

“We are here for the needs of the community, but we don’t know what the need is unless we hear about it,” she said. “So, what we need is that input.”

Community input, she said, is vital to ensuring the Learning Center offers the right classes that people want and need.

“One of the things I have not developed in my 33 years is ESP,” she added jokingly.

She encouraged people to stop by to offer their input or offer comments on the SCC Learning Center at Wahoo Facebook page.

“Tell us what you’d like to see,” Kerwin-Kubr said.

At opportunity to check out the Learning Center at Wahoo and offer community input will be happening on Wednesday, July 24. An open house for the new coordinator is set for 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Kerwin-Kubr said there will be light refreshments and plenty of opportunity for conversation.

The Learning Center is also looking for more instructors and anyone interested could attend the open house for more information.

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