Significant growth

FABRICATION: Ryan Humpal, staff person at Rebellion Fabrication, works on a welding project.

WAHOO – Matt Cade and Ross Gredys said when they purchased Rebellion Fabrication in Airpark in April of last year there were 11 employees. Now there are over 35.

Cade said the previous business was originally built on manufacturing sub-components for a crane manufacturer.

“We still manufacture those parts but the bulk of our business and growth is in the commercial construction division,” he said. “We specialize in what is considered miscellaneous metals, stairs and handrails for larger commercial jobs. We have two divisions, commercial construction and manufacturing.”

Current projects Rebellion is working on include the new Kiewit headquarters, LinkedIn regional headquarters and the new headquarters for Centris, all in Omaha.

Gredys’ experience includes nearly 12 years with Drake Williams Steel. He started with DWS as a welder in 2007.

“Gredys quickly moved through the company operations side wearing many different hats such as welder, fitter, foremen, safety first responder, quality control manager and ending his time with the company as a contract sales project manager,” Cade said. “As the contract sales project manager, he managed specialty projects as well as multi-million-dollar industry build outs.”

Cade brought 11 years of experience in commercial sales and operations. His experience has ranged from working for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. Whatever the size of the company, Cade said his focus has been on helping businesses solve problems.

“We have both seen many business owners, especially in the trades, loving the industry they are in and they type of work, but once they become business owners, they end up spending all their time running aspects of the business they don’t enjoy and aren’t as skilled at,” he said. “This is one of the reasons that have led to success over the past 10 months; Ross does what he does best while I concentrate on the other aspects.”

Cade said they both want to have a thriving business that provides fulfilling jobs that people enjoy while at the same time provide great quality product for their clients.

“The average age of the employees hired since we took over is 22 years old,” he said. “We continue to work with high schools and local trade schools to find talented young people to work in our business.”

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