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Dr. Paul Sutton

WAHOO – Five years ago Dr. Paul Sutton opened the doors to his business.

And because he’s bursting at the business seams he is getting ready to move.

“I was totally a one-man operation for about three years,” he said. “Then I hired a part-time secretary, Brandy, who is still with me. Next, my sister Bonnie joined in with her massage therapy part of the practice.”

Sutton said roughly a year and a half ago Dr. Keith Chvatal joined the practice as an additional chiropractor.

Saunders County Chiropractic and Acupuncture, PC has just moved to Lake Wanahoo Medical Clinic located at 1320 E. 31st St.

Sutton is proud of the fact that all of the providers at his office are home towners.

“All of us providers are from Wahoo; I graduated Wahoo High in 2004. Bonnie graduated Wahoo High in 2008 and Dr. Chvatal graduated Bishop Neumann in 2009,” he said.

Sutton said although he loved being in his current building and location, the new location is the perfect place to grow his business.

“I will miss the location very much,” he said. “I have always enjoyed being able to walk to downtown meetings, walk to the post office or the bank and just being so close to many Wahoo businesses.”

Sutton said despite the fact that he was located just off of the edge of downtown, he still felt like his business was a part of that atmosphere.

“I do feel a little guilt leaving the middle of Wahoo because of my dedication to the chamber and a vision of Wahoo having a vibrant downtown with opportunities to shop, work and live,” he said. “But, as I leave this building I am confident that someone new will be able to use that space to start their business and make their dream a reality.”

Sutton said that due to continued growth he is looking forward to what the future will continue to bring.

“I started looking for a larger space, one with a more comfortable waiting room and the opportunity to continue to expand,” he said. “I found one in the Lake Wanahoo Medical Clinic.”

Sutton said that Saunders Medical Center (SMC) had reached a point that they were ready and excited to lease space there.

“The layout of the building is suited perfectly for a very professional and efficient place for my office,” he said. “I had already developed a very nice working relationship with SMC through co-managing patients with several of their providers and having the ability to send patients there for x-ray and imaging needs.”

Sutton said the services his office provides to the community are extremely important.

“We work with people of all ages from day-old babies to, well, people who are not babies anymore, you know who I'm talking about,” he said.

“Some people are not used to this idea but even infants can benefit greatly from chiropractic care. If they get a tight muscle or a crunched up spine they can't tell us so they cry, get fussy or don't sleep well.”

Sutton said the benefits of chiropractic, massage and acupuncture are game changers. If you are feeling well you can work more efficiently and enjoy doing the things you like to do without aches or pains slowing you down.

Working with athletes is another passion of Sutton’s.

“It's no secret that this town has held itself to a high level of sports for all ages,” he said. “We work on student-athletes from every sport and every age group.”

Sutton said he is fortunate to have been able to give back to several programs around town that include giving donations and volunteering hours for schools and youth sports programs to chamber events and countless fundraisers.

“I love being a part of the Wahoo community and am so happy to call this place home for my family and for my business,” he said.

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