PIZZA TIME: Seniors line up for their delicious prize during study hall at Raymond Central High School on Nov. 29. This was the reward to the senior class who donated more food to the Saunders County Food Bank than the other classes. (Staff Photo by Clayton Karloff)

WAHOO – In order to help raise food for those who need it this holiday season, Sid Dillon in Wahoo and Ceresco gave food donation challenges to both Wahoo and Raymond Central high school students.

Sid Dillon Marketing Specialist Kim Homes said the effort was a success.

The challenge was for whichever school collected the most food donations for the Saunders County Food Bank would be declared the winner and receive the “Food Bank Bowl” trophy. In addition, whichever classes at each schools donated the most food got a pizza party.

Homes said the competition was an easy sell at both schools and in the end, both senior classes won the pizza parties.

Wahoo took home the “Food Bank Bowl” trophy.

Homes said the senior classes of both schools were unwilling to let the classes of the younger students beat them in the competition for the pizza.

She said Wahoo seniors in particular wanted to make sure they came out ahead of the other classes, going so far as to pool their resources and funds to buy food directly from grocery stores.

“The senior classes were determined to not let the freshman win,” Homes said.

The Raymond Central senior class celebrated their victory with a pizza party last Thursday during a study hall. Wahoo’s seniors will put their pizza party on hold until next semester, as it was decided the class would celebrate with both pizza and a movie.

Homes said the food donations were tallied by the end of November. Wahoo won with 1,999 items, against Raymond Central’s 455. The “Food Bank Bowl” trophy, made by Homes and her daughter Macy.

“It helped that this was the second year for Wahoo,” she said.

Wahoo competed in a similar contest last year but it was only for the pizza party. She said this was the first year of the school versus school competition.

“It was a great way to get the kids involved,” Homes said.

She said they did get a variety of food items, but there was a clear theme for canned food.

“There were a lot of vegetables,” Homes said.

Homes said that she plans to make the food donation competition an annual event and hopes that more schools will contend to help provide food for the people who need it most in Saunders County.

Homes said at this time of year, it feels like more people are using the food bank’s services than any other time and it is best to do this before the year’s end to help with the beginning of the next year.

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