MEAD – The Mead Volunteer Fire and Rescue departments held a costume contest on Halloween. The winners are as follows.

Ages 2 and Under

First place: Paisley McDuffee, Dalmatian

Second place: Whit Simon, bulldozer

Third place: Martin Heinen, cow

Ages 3 to 5

(Not in school)

First place: Brooklyn Havelka, flamingo

Second place: Reese Richards, sheriff

Third place: AJ Kuhn, rodeo clown


First place: Henry Nygren, mummy

Second place: Brogan Bratsburg, knight

Third place: Landon Van Ackeren, Spiderman

First Grade

First place: Emerson Lee, LOL doll

Second place: Melanie Nicola, Pocahontas

Third place: Charlie Daniels, Snow White

Second Grade

First place: Kate Miller, Harley Quinn

Second place: Ben Popken, Black Panther

Third place: Austin Anderson, ninja

Third Grade

First place: Hadley Havelka, deer

Second place: Olivia Lee, Audrey

Third place: Maddie Schaal, phantom

Fourth Grade

First place: Jersey Daniels, Wednesday Adams

Second place: Lauren Miller, zombie

Third place: Cooper Greise, Michael Jackson

Fifth Grade

First place: Lilja Bratsburg, Zelda

Second place: Ann Nygren, Harry Potter

Third place: Abe Lee, Stickman

Sixth Grade

First place: Tony Engel, Bob Ross

Second place: Payton Wilson, Ace Ventura

Third place: Ty Crouse, mad scientist

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