MEAD – The administration of Mead High School recently released the names of the students included on the Honor Roll for third quarter.

Students with a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) are included on the “A” Honor roll.

“A” Honor Roll

Seniors: Delaney Patocka, Abby Miller, Cloe Huckeby, Emily Hanson, Jaden Felty.

Juniors: Kelly Richards.

Sophomores: Meghan Richards, Emily Quinn, Demmy Patocka, Megan Luetkenhaus, Bailey Langemeier, Laura Kuhr, Jacob Hering, Emily Hebenstreit, Kaitlyn Hanson, Andrew Carritt.

Freshman: Sage Holloway.

Eighth Grade: Colby Sorensen, Emily Kuhr, Christopher Hanson.

“B” Honor Roll

Seniors: Riley Mayfield, Tyler Engle, Cali Carritt, Maylie Brestel.

Juniors: Grace Popken, Riley Langemeier, Danielle Kochner, Lauren Holloway, Mystic Hartgrave, Rebecca Halbmaier, Payton Curry.

Sophomores: Emily Oldenburg, Brianna Lemke, Collin Konecky, Riah Engel, Jacqueline Cruz.

Freshman: Trevor Ellison, Tye Dickes, Luke Carritt.

Eighth: Tristan Zwiener, Brenna Schulz, Samuel Popken, Haylie Muhlbach, Eva Georgoulopoulos, Libby Ferguson.

Seventh: Trey Siske, Addison O’Brien, Tytus Lee, Aaron Hering, Mason Coyle, Corbin Carlson.

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