Weston Volunteer Fire Department

NEW TRUCK: Fire Chief Bruce Arp (from left) and Rick Virgil, secretary/treasurer of the Weston Fire Department, stand with the new pumper truck that was purchased in October.

    WESTON – The Weston Fire Department began construction on a Memorial Brick Garden in the fall of this year. The brick garden will pay tribute to past, present, and future fire department members that have dedicated their time and service, as well as our generous and faithful supporters.

    “The hope of this project was to ensure that the legacies of those involved with the Weston community and the Weston Volunteer Fire Department will live on for years to come,” Allison Pokorny project coordinator said. “The garden on the north side of the fire station will be reserved for donors and supporters, while the bump-out in front is reserved for memorial bricks honoring past members.”

    Pokorny said although the goal of the memorial brick garden is to pay tribute to their members and supporters. They also hope to raise money to purchase new equipment that will allow them to continue to protect and serve the community.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about the bricks, they can go to the website, www.westonfire.com, or contact Pokorny at 402-336-7786.

    Donors are encouraged to submit their order forms by Dec. 31, to ensure their spot in the garden. Construction has begun, and the estimated completion date is Memorial Day 2020.

    Another new addition to the fire station is a shiny new truck.

    Fire Chief Bruce Arp said the reasons for purchasing a new pumper truck were the increasing maintenance costs and downtime with the old truck.

    A pumper truck is a firetruck that provides water pumping capacity in places where a hydrant is unavailable or disabled.

    “Our new pumper was built by Toyne, Inc. from in Breda, Iowa,” he said. “The two biggest upgrades on the new truck are the larger pump and completely enclosed cab to provide firefighter safety while en route to calls.”

    Arp said they ordered the new pumper in the fall of 2018 to replace the 1988 pumper.

    “It is equipped with a 1500 GPM (gallons per minute) pump compared to our old pumper that was rated at 750 GPM,” he said. “It carries 1000 gallons of water.  It has all LED emergency lighting as well as four telescoping LED scene lights, an integrated foam system, all new ground ladders and all the latest safety features.”

    The Weston Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department provides fire protection and prevention for 55 square miles in Saunders County including the Village of Weston and two major highways (79/92). They also provide mutual aid to all surrounding fire districts.

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