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Kelsey Sasse

WAHOO – At 13 years old, Kelsey Sasse lost her front teeth playing softball.

Little did she know then how the traumatic injury would affect her positively for the rest of her life.

“I took a bad hop at shortstop and had to have my front teeth splinted back in with root canals and braces,” Sasse said. “The process fascinated me so much that I decided to do it for a career.”

Sasse has recently joined Dr. Jason Glock at Wahoo Dental Associates located at 357 E Fourth St.

“I’m very excited to join Dr. Glock and his incredible team in their beautiful dental office,” Sasse said. “They have been so welcoming and have gone above and beyond to make the move and transition easy.”

Sasse said she and her husband will be moving to their new home in Wahoo by mid-January.

Graduating from University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry in 2017, Sasse said she was led into the profession due to the combination of art and science that it takes to perform dental work.

“I enjoy the artistic aspect of what I do while making sure it is functional and practical,” she said.

Once Sass’s husband neared the end of college, they were both hoping to settle down in a small town.

“We are so excited to be back in a small town setting,” she said. “We are both from rural areas. He is from Gordon and I am from North Platte, we met at Chadron State College.”

Sasse said they were elated after finding out that moving to Wahoo was a possibility.

“We love Wahoo for its size, sense of community and great schools,” she said. “We are both avid Husker fans so we also love that Lincoln is close enough to go to the games.”

Since being a teenager, Sasse said she understands a lot of the dental processes after her own experiences as a teenager.

“I feel like that has given me an edge over the years since I’ve been through what a lot of people go through in the dental chair,” she said. “I am happy to come along side and explain things from the patient and provider stand point. I love getting to know my patients and their families.”

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