MAKING IT OFFICIAL: Nebraska State Regent Suzanne Jarmen  (right) secures one of the anchors on the plaque below barn quilt square. Lending a hand is Ed Booth of Wahoo, while Bob and Tricia Meduna watch. (Staff Photo by Lisa Brichacek)

WAHOO – A special project by the Daughters of the American Revolution has brought a red, white and blue barn quilt square in view of Highway 92 travelers.

The Mary Katharine Goddard (MKG) Chapter of the DAR held a dedication ceremony Saturday morning at the Bob and Tricia Meduna family farm west of Wahoo. The Medunas agreed to hang the barn quilt square on one of their buildings and the MKG members could not be happier that another piece of the patriotic trail is in place.

MKG Member and Regent Mary Hanke said the painted, wooden square is part of a bigger effort to get 27 patriotic barn quilt squares placed across the state.

The chapter took on the project at the request of Nebraska State Regent Suzanne Jarmen. Jarmen asked the 27 chapters in the state to consider building a barn quilt square and placing it in a visible location.

She said during Saturday’s dedication that it is not unusual for the state regent to ask each chapter to make a donation as part of a statewide project. Often times, however, that project is a monetary donation only.

While she said one of her projects is linked to a monetary donation campaign, she also wanted a project that had tangible impact.

“I wanted to have something each chapter had some ownership in,” she said.

The results did not disappoint.

“It’s perfect,” she said, gazing up at the patriotic block hung high on the big, red building and easily visible from Highway 92.

Hanke, who also helps other chapters organize their barn quilt square, said the MKG Chapter is based in Omaha and has 23 members. Five members are from the Wahoo area.

When talking about where to place the chapter’s barn quilt square, she said it was decided a more rural location like Wahoo would draw more attention to it.

The Medunas were asked to display the barn quilt and graciously accepted.

Bob Meduna said it was an easy request to say yes to. He said he hoped all who saw it would also enjoy it and its patriotic message.

Each chapter made its own block. The MKG block was made in the basement of the Wahoo Veterans Memorial building. Hanke said the colors were put on in layers and each of the chapter’s members signed their names.

Several coats of sealant were also put on the quilt block to preserve it for as long as possible. She said this is something that future generations will hopefully look upon.

The Patriotic Trail Across the Plains extends across Nebraska and the goal is to get it tied into the nationwide effort. During Saturday’s ceremony, a plaque with the chapter’s name was also placed on the building with the barn quilt square.

But, that wasn’t the only item of business for the morning, A special Quilts of Valor Foundation presentationwas made. Ronald Hurley of Seward was presented with a Quilt of Valor. He served with the U.S. Army from 1969 to 1971.

The MKG Chapter presented him with a special pin and certificate as part of a special Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran project.

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