Cookie jars

SWEET COLLECTION: Dozens of Christmas cookie jars owned by Donna Novak of Mead sit in the window at the Wahoo Bakery each holiday season.

WAHOO – In the front window of the Wahoo Bakery sits a village of empty cookie jars. Although they may be empty, the room behind them is filled with heavenly aromas and cookies galore.

Mead resident Donna Novak is the collector of the many beautiful cookie jars.

After 50 years and over 300 cookie jars later, Novak loves sharing her collection.

“I got one as a gift and then people kept giving them to me,” Novak said. “My sister gave me four of them. I don’t have a favorite one, they’re all my favorite.”

Novak said her sweet connection that led to the first Christmas display is her daughter Judy Abbot who works at the local bakery.

“I told her if they ever wanted to put cookie jars in her front window they could,” Novak said. “They’ve featured them now for the past three years.”

According to Novak she has a certain kind of cookie jar for each holiday among others. She gets excited when occasionally she comes across a rare jar.

“I recently got a Budweiser jar that even the Budweiser man said he’s never seen before. It’s a six pack where the top comes off. It’s a collector’s item,” she said.

She remembers getting her first couple of cookie jars. One was a cat and the other a pig.

“Since we’re remodeling, most of my collections are all packed up. I have 18 china closets full,” she said.

Cookie jars aren’t the only thing Novak collects. She collects dolls, salt and pepper shakers, Avon memorabilia and clowns to name a few.

“I love my cookie jars and my doll collections. The only thing I’ve never collected in my life is men,” she said with a chuckle.

Sherri Meece owns the bakery. She said every holiday they tried to decorate the front case in the window. Meece said other displays include a picnic scene with animal cookie jars.

“After the first time we borrowed them, when a holiday comes around she asks if we want to borrow them,” Meece said.

According to Meece people stop by to see them every year.

“People enjoy it, I love seeing the people’s expressions,” she said. “One time there was a passerby who videotaped the entire length of the window. People look forward to it.”

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