ROLL IT UP: Director Kellen Benes stands by the aquatic therapy pool on Dec. 6. The pool is now available at Makovicka/Sylliaasen Physical Therapy in Wahoo. (Staff Photo by Clayton Karloff)

WAHOO – Makovicka/Sylliaasen Physical Therapy in Wahoo helps people with all sorts of physical ailments and now has a new tool to expand on that help in the form of a pool.

Makovicka/Sylliaasen Physical Therapy Director Kellen Benes said the primary goal of the 7 by 7 feet heated pool is to perform physical therapy in a warm body of water, typically about 90 degrees. At this temperature, the water helps soothe joint and muscle pain.

Benes said the benefits to performing aquatic therapy, as opposed to regular physical therapy, includes challenging the patient’s sense of balance, the relieving of pressure on sore joints and muscles and allowing the patient to perform certain exercises that they may or may not be able to normally do.

“It’s a cool tool that’s been pretty well received,” Benes said.

He said this type of physical therapy may be best for those people who may not be able to do physical activities independently, such as patients with weak or injured ankles and require that alleviation of pressure to run without pain. Physical ailments that can be helped with this sort of treatment include degenerative joints, arthritis, post-operative pains. It can also be used to strengthen muscles with resistance training.

“It can help a wide variety of things. It’s just about being creative with the uses of the water,” Benes said.

Benes said the pool and aquatic therapy only became available this fall. The directors had seen positive results in the Omaha facilities with aquatic therapy, so they made it available in Wahoo as well.

He said about four to eight people on average come in to take part in aquatic therapy every day, with patients from all different age groups.

“Hopefully those numbers will increase as the word gets out,” Benes said.

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