ROADWAY REPAIRS: Construction crews work to rebuild a bridge on County Road 20 northwest of Wahoo. Projects like this one must continue, in spite of the work that road crews must do after the recent flooding.  (Staff Photo by Clayton Karloff)

WAHOO – The summer road construction season is expected to be busier than usual.

Highway Superintendent Steve Mika reported the county highway department will keep busy with its scheduled projects and will have the added burden of repairs in the wake of the March flooding.

Even after the emergency repairs on high traffic roadways, there are still many areas that need repairs.

Between the flooding and harsh winter conditions, Mika said the most damage he has seen consists of completely washed out roads and potholes.

“It’s mostly roadways we see the most damage on now,” Mika said.

A few roads have lost pavement in a few areas, but the majority of that has been repaired.

He said the recent rainfall has also kept the road departments busy with replacing gravel on roads to avoid excessive washboards and putting in a patch on potholes until they can be better repaired.

Mika said he hopes to see the vast majority of repairs to the roadways and potholes finished within the month of July.

However, funding for the work that needs to be done after the flooding may not come that soon.

Counties are somewhat at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) mercy with these repairs, he said.

Even now, Mika said the initial meetings to discuss the repairs and what areas need them the most have only just started.

“There’s some legwork to do there yet,” Mika said.

With every new disaster, he said, the rules change.

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