WAHOO – The Saunders Medical Center Board of Trustees gave the nod last week to a new fiscal year budget.

SMC’s current fiscal year wraps up this month and the board put into place next year’s projections at its meeting May 28.

Prior to presenting the budget, SMC Chief Operating Officer Chase Manstedt presented the financials for year to date. He said for the month of April the facility had a positive operating margin of almost 12 percent.

Fiscal year to date, the operating income margin is 5.35 percent, with just over $1.4 million in excess of revenue over expenses. An operating income margin of 3.7 percent had been budgeted.

Manstedt told the board the new budget followed the stride of the past budget.

“We’ll just build off what we did this year with some minor manipulations,” he said.

A conservative approach was taken as to what patient volumes might see growth this coming year. For example, more providers in the physicians’ clinic should mean more visits and continued growth is expected in the surgery and therapy departments.

“Those are just areas we feel we can be competitive,” Manstedt added.

Some rate increases have also been fed into the new budget.

The projection is to end the next fiscal year with a 5.1 percent operating margin.

The board gave unanimous approval to the new budget and also a new capital budget.

Capital improvement expenditures are projected to be about $800,000 next fiscal year. Big ticket items are a new ultrasound at more than $100,000 and an anesthesia machine at nearly $89,000.

Other upgrades include bathing room remodels and a new wheelchair van for long term care.

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