J.K. Rowling once wrote. "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." To me, this quote means that you can get through anything if you believe you can. I would like to thank my friends for being my light for the past thirteen years. I think I speak for all nineteen of us when I say that elementary, junior high and high school would have been nearly impossible without the help from our friends.

Today, I would like to thank you all for coming and share with my classmates a couple quotes from some of our favorite movie, Harry Potter, that I believe fit the situation and can always guide you through life.

I would like us all to remember this "It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities." With saying that, I hope that we all make good choices as we enter an entire new world out of high school, because even if we don't always succeed, or aren't always the best at something, if we make the right choices, and do the right things then we all will have something to be proud of.

The people we have to thank for helping make correct decisions are our teachers. We are all better people having been taught by you. You taught us honesty, hard work, and above all, you have made us all believe that we can succeed. We will never be able to thank you enough for putting up with us through the years and still believing in us through all the chaos we have caused.

The next quote I would like to share with you is this; "In dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own." Right now is the time in our lives where we should believe we can be anything we want. It is the time to dream, and it is the time to change our dreams as many times as we can. Every one of us has different dreams for ourselves. Our dreams vary from teaching, to the medical field, to forensics. I have no doubt that we will all reach our dreams if we continue believing in ourselves.

If we didn't have our parents, guardians, or grandparents believing our dreams and helping us reach them, we never would have accomplished as much as we already have in life. I know that no matter how often I fight with my parents, I am always loved, and after every mistake I make, they are always still proud of me. So, we thank you all for dreaming our dreams with us, and still being there when we fail.

We have all had people to look up to throughout our lives, whether grandparents, a teacher, or just simply a friend. Role models play a huge roll in our success. I would like to take the time to thank my sisters for being my role models throughout the years. You truly have always been there for me, and I'm not sure where or who I would be if I had not of grown up with you. I could not ask for three better people to look up to.

The final quote I would like to share with my class today says that, “The consequences of our actions are so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business.” None of us know exactly what the future hold for us, but with the knowledge we have learned here and the character we have built, the future will turn out exactly how we need it.

We have been waiting for this day for weeks, months, and for some of us, years. Today is the day it all becomes real, the day we are no longer high school students, and will soon be entering the world on our own. Even though we are all excited for what comes next, I know that whether it takes one year or ten years, someday we will all be excited come back to what and who we are leaving here today.

Thanks again for coming to celebrate our achievements with us today and once again thank you to the teachers who have helped us along the way, our parents, guardians, other family members, and friends. Last, I would like to thank the class of 2012 for giving me some very wonderful, interesting, and unforgettable memories. Congratulations and good luck with the next chapters of your life.

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