Once upon a time their lived a young girl who was just about to embark on her first day of kindergarten. Like all of the other children in her soon-to-be-class, she was very nervous. This was the first real change in her life, and, at the time, it seemed like a very large step to take. As her mother began the process of trying to pry her hand out of her small daughter's painfully clinging; fingers, she started introducing her to her new classmates,

The first classmate that the young girl encountered was the tallest girl she had ever seen. Her name was Taryn, and her height could probably have set a record in the category of kindergarteners. Taryn was a bit less shy than the little girl, but she was equally as nervous.

The next person that the young girl came upon was a boy named Eric. Eric, at the age of six, was very funny. His humor was aided, however, by his outrageously over-sized glasses. The sight of this small boy, whose face was trying to make room for a huge smile and two enormous lenses, was sure to be forever engrained in the little girl's mind.

Unfortunately, the little girl didn't get the chance to meet the next girl in he room because she was too busy arguing with the boy sitting next to her. She did notice, however, that it the name displayed on her desk was Breane. The little girl's mother was about to interrupt the argument to get on with the introductions but, just then, the teacher stepped in and doled out the first of many "time on the wall's" for Breane and the boy.

As the little girl turned to find some new people to meet, she was surprised by two girls that were standing behind her. They both had blonde hair and big smiles. One was named Bailey and the other was Tana. The little girl could've sworn they were sisters. This probably had a lot to do with the fact that the two girls claimed that they were sisters, twins to be exact.

Tasha, a smiley little girl was the one of the last people in this kindergarten class to meet. It only took one look for the little girl to be able to tell that Tasha was from the country, just like herself. She was easy to get along with, and, although she was shy at first, she and the girl quickly became friends.

The last person to meet that day was a tall boy named Cole. Despite his mischievous grin, Cole was a very nice boy. He and the girl hit it off the second they met. Any ounce of shyness that she had left, Cole tickled or poked out of her, and, in no time, they were chasing each other around the playground.

As the years flew by, the class became more and more comfortable with one another. This isn't to say that they didn't have their disagreements, but they all got over them pretty quickly. First and second grade seemed to flash before their eyes. Third grade held experiences in how to take care of a meal worm. Then, in the fourth grade, a new boy named Jake entered the class. He was nervous, just like they had all been at first, but within a few days he fit right in. Of course, when you bring your new born baby sister for show and tell, it does tend to break the ice a little faster than usual.

Fifth grade came and went with whale projects, Eric running face first into a tree due to having his jacket on backwards with the hood up, and another new addition to the class. her name was Nicole, and, even at that young age, she was very opinionated. The now-not-so-young girl thought that this was an admirable trait, because she was never very good at openly stating her opinions, especially when they conflicted with someone else's. Nicole was never afraid to insert what she thought into a conversation, no matter what the subject was. Fifth grade ended without too much craziness. Of course, this was probably because it was all being saved for the sixth grade.

The sixth grade was a time that this class liked to call World War II. Some of the classmates were able to stay neutral and watch from the sidelines while others were mercilessly thrown into battle. No one could tell exactly how this fight got started or how it ended, but it was epic, none-the-less. This fight was mainly between two groups of hormonal young girls. (Who would have guessed, right?) The sergeants were Tana and Bailey on one side, and the girl and Breane on the other. The fight got rough sometimes. I'm sure that all of the girls involved remember the time that they were brought outside to be lectured, especially because the teacher almost started crying.

Eventually things settled down though. Maybe it was because the fighting got old, or maybe it was because they were all just getting nervous about taking the next big step into junior high, never-the-less, the war slowly came to an end, right along with the beginning of seventh grade.

With this beginning, there came three new students to join the nervous young bunch of awkward teenage seventh graders. Their names were Kevin, Megann H., and Megan B. They were all a little bit shy at first, but, before they knew it, they were all part of the family.

Kevin was tall and skinny. Not skinny as in he didn't eat, but skinny as in he could eat whatever he wanted and however much he wanted, and still not gain a pound. To be honest, the girl was just a little bit jealous of this trait.

Megann H. was very outspoken. She was unique and obviously a farm girl. John Deere seemed to be one of her idols, and the class learned quickly that, although she was a nice young lady, one did not want to mess with her. Megan B. was fun and mellow at the same time. She never wanted to engage in drama or fighting, and she made friends with everyone pretty quickly. It was a known fact in the class that if they wore going to hang out with Megan B, they were going to have a great time.

As junior high continued, the class grew quickly and matured as they wentt... well, sort of. The previous statement excludes the time that Kevin and Jake got suspended for mooning each other. The rest of the seventh grade year ended in a blink, then eighth grade began, and once again the class grew by one. This new student was a boy named Matt, and he knew more about cars and mechanics than the girl could comprehend. Matt was exceptionally pleasant, and he fit right in with the rest of the class.

Then all of the sudden, high school was upon this goofy bunch of teenagers. This step was a little bit smaller than the transition from elementary to junior high, but they were still nervous. Starting freshmen year they now had varsity sports, a new and broader range of extracurricular activities, and Neil. Neil was quiet at first, but, just like all of the new students who joined the class, he settled in quickly, made friends fast and begun testing Mr. Brousck's skills in history right away.

Freshmen year turned to sophomore year, and, yet again, there were addtions to the class. This time the new students were girls. These two girls were named Jacinda and Carlie. They had already been friends before joining the class, so they were less nervous than the usual new kids. Personally, the now-teenage girl had never encountered the name Jacinda before, but she found it and its owner very interesting. Both girls were fun to talk to and easy to get along with and they fit into the class well.

Sophomore year ended without any catastrophes, and then it was junior year. Junior year brought the class Micayla and Kayce. Micayla was an all-around farm girl and she was not afraid to say what she thought. Kayce was talkative and always had a story to tell. Along with these two girls, junior year also held the class's first prom. The theme chosen was Candyland, and they got to set up and decorate the entire thing. I'm sure that none of them will forget the night of decorating, eating Laffy Taffy with Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Lemoine and laughing at all of the lame jokes on the wrappers

All of these years seemed to flash be without a moment to breathe, and then, all of a sudden, it was senior year. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It was also a time that Sod, the class’s English teacher, made them endure reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Senior year, the year that every high school student dreams about, was finally here, and it was passing even faster than all of the other years combined. In what seemed like a week, it was already time to graduate.

This class has been through so much together. We have had plenty of fights, plenty of friendships, and plenty of fun. There is not one of us who hasn't been influenced by being a part of this class. I think that is why this next step is going to be the hardest of all. Just like at the beginning of kindergarten, junior high, and high school, I’m sure that we are all nervous for this next big part of life to begin, but that is exactly what it is, a beginning. That is why I will not be treating this day like an ending, and, although I'm sure we will all live happily ever after, I cannot end my story with this usual phrase. Instead, being what they refer to as the "mom of the class" I will say we are going to have to work hard, and there is a long road ahead, but it will be worth it. With that, I'd like to wish my class the best of luck in their next “Once upon a time.”

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