WAHOO – At the Feb. 18 Saunders County Board of Supervisors meeting the discussion continued regarding the proposals for the necessary repairs and remodeling for the old jail building.

These updates would be necessary in order to consider the old jail building located between the courthouse and the Saunders County Judicial Center for the office and meeting space for the Problem Solving Court program.

Doris Karloff, chairperson of the board, said the board wants to see the property utilized in the best possible way.

“If they can update the old jail building so it can be used, it would make the most sense,” she said.

Before spending the dollars Karloff said the board wants to make sure the square footage is similar or larger than the space they now occupy.

“That and getting the prices for updating seems to be taking time,” she said. “Using the second floor of that building just seems prohibitive. It would require so much improvement.”

Karloff said the board is working with the local probation office to find a positive resolve.

“We are trying to get them in the old jail, so they can come and go as needed, whether it be day time or after hours,” she said. “That way the courthouse is not compromised after hours.”

At the meeting, the board unanimously voted to appoint Jenna Hanson and Heather Micek to the Saunders County Extension Board.

Other board action included the approval of Mark Sander to the Planning and Zoning Department.

The board also approved the submission of Terry Miller for Emergency Manager of the Year to the Nebraska Association of Emergency Management.

The criteria for this award is that the recipient should exemplify the ideal of professional emergency manager, have high principles of community preparedness, have a personal dedication to the safety of local citizens, has distinguished them self through outstanding service to the association or its members, or exhibited an exceptionally high standard of leadership and professionalism during response to a disaster situation.

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