WAHOO – In the wake of last month’s flooding, a portion of the trail at Lake Wanahoo remains closed and so is the trail that connects the recreation area to the city.

The Lake Wanahoo Trail from Cook’s Park on the north end of Wahoo to Lake Wanahoo has been closed since March 19. The city announced on its Facebook page that flood damage caused the closure, with no estimated time for repair.

Wahoo Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Stuhr said a meeting was scheduled for this Tuesday to discuss the trail.

The trail at Lake Wanahoo was damaged too.

The Lower Platte North Natural Resources District (NRD) is looking to make those repairs as soon as possible. NRD General Manager Eric Gottschalk said repairing of the trail is a top priority.

“It’s a vital piece. Other than the dam, it’s the only way to cross the lake in the north half. It’s our top priority to get that repaired,” Gottschalk said.

He said the structure of the trail itself is not an issue. The portion of the trail that is closed is on the breakwater levee. The flooding washed away a good portion of the trail’s rock and undercut the fabric material placed underneath the rock that is meant to hold the dirt in place.

Gottschalk said the NRD’s first step will be to fill in the ruts carved underneath the fabric by the water, replace the portions of fabric uprooted and torn and then finally place a new sheet of rock down on the trail.

He said while he didn’t know exactly when the repairs would start, negotiations with M.E. Collins Contracting Company have begun.

“We’d love to have everything done within a few weeks,” Gottschalk said.

Gottschalk said despite the damages to the trail, it hasn’t affected the other lake activities.

“It doesn’t affect the campsites or fishing, but it does affect the facilities. It’s our top priority,” Gottschalk said.

This is not the first time that the Lake Wanahoo Trail between Wahoo and the recreation area has been closed. This trail, built and maintained by the city, opened in 2016.

In 2017, it closed a few times. In May, construction crews were brought in due to sloughing and a reroute was created. The trail did close briefly again in August, because of overflowing waters from Sand Creek.

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