WAHOO – A two-vehicle crash in Wahoo late Wednesday afternoon resulted in a hole in the historic Hanson House.

Rescue personnel and law enforcement were called to 12th and Linden streets shortly before 5 p.m. after two pickups collided there. One came to rest in the intersection, the other went across the lawn and ended in the northeast corner of the house.

The house was the boyhood home of music educator and Pulitzer Prize winning composer Howard Hanson (1896-1981) and is now owned by the Saunders County Historical Society.

Details about the drivers involved in the crash and how it happened were not yet available. Wahoo EMS offered medical attention at the scene but no major injuries were initially reported.

Two Historical Society volunteers were at the house at the time of the accident. They were starting to decorate for holiday and Christmas activities.

Linda Plock of Lincoln said she had brought out some boxes of decorations and was going upstairs to start working.

“I just got to the top of the stairs when it sounded like the roof had fallen in,” she said.

She initially didn’t know what to do or think.

“I just stood there and screamed,” she said.

Plock said she then went back down the steps and went outside. She looked for friend, Lynn Barnett of Ashland, who was also there to decorate. It was then she saw the pickup stuck in the building.

Barnett said she was getting ready to put garland up on the outside of the home. She saw the crash and watched the pickup go across the lawn and into the house.

“When everybody walked away, I just said thank God,” Barnett said.

She said she helped the driver and a passenger with some minor injuries until EMS could arrive.

After the pickup was removed by Cuda Towing, Historical Society members were boarding up the hole left in the side of the house.

Wahoo Police Chief Bruce Farrell said an officer would be stationed at the house until it could be completely secured. He said extra patrol will also be assigned to make sure it stays secured.

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