WAHOO – Utility rates will increase for Wahoo resident in the next two years.

Utilities General Manager Ryan Hurst told the council that rates for electricity, water, sewer and natural gas have not changed for nearly seven years.

“The last times rates were increased in Wahoo was in 2013, so it’s been a while,” he said.

At the same time, costs were increasing, Hurst said. As a result, rates must go up to cover those increases.

“This will more than cover our cost needs,” he said.

Hurst said the cost of electricity will go up 2.4 percent in 2020. Water rates will increase 5.2 percent while wastewater fees go up 4.3 percent. Natural gas rates were not increased, but monthly rate adjustments will continue, he added.

Overall, the increase will be about $3.39 a month for the average customer, Hurst said.

“So it’s a really minimal impact to your average customer,” he said.

Despite the increase, the rates are comparable to other communities, according to Hurst, pointing to the electric rates in particular.

“Wahoo is still very, very competitive on our electric rates,” he said.

Competitive rates benefit economic development in Wahoo.

Hurst said the rates were reviewed by an outside company to help determine the proposed changes.

The Utilities Department will also work on a master plan with JEO Consulting Group in 2020, Hurst said.

“Master plans will give a better idea of what our real investment might be,” he said.

The goal is to reinvest in infrastructure of the utilities systems, Hurst said.

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