NEW DUTIES: Wahoo Police Officer Sean Vilmont will still patrol the streets of Wahoo. But come August, he will have the added duties that come with the new rank of lieutenant. (Staff Photo by Lisa Brichacek)


WAHOO – The rank of lieutenant now exists at the Wahoo Police Department, and come Aug. 1, Officer Sean Vilmont will be assuming the duties that come with that administrative position.

Vilmont was recently tapped for the position.

Wahoo Police Chief Bruce Ferrell said when he was hired last year, one of his assigned tasks was to assess the open position of assistant police chief.

At this time, he said he didn’t feel the department was big enough to need an assistant chief. But, there were definitely some administrative duties that could fall upon the shoulders of a second person in the department.

After the creation of the position and duties of lieutenant, a search process got underway. Ferrell said he was very pleased with the number of candidates that had applied. He was equally pleased that people from both outside and inside the department applied.

“I was impressed with the interviews,” he said.

That was especially true, he added, of the internal candidates. He said all of them interviewed very well and left him feeling good about the quality of people that work at the Wahoo Police Department.

Vilmont said he is eager to begin the duties that come with his promotion because he too thinks it is a good department with good people in a good community.

The officers have always worked well together, he said, and made sure the needs of the community were taken care of. That has been true during the recent transitions with both police chief and assistant police chief retiring.

“It’s always been doing what’s best for the department,” he said. “We never once had a shift that wasn’t covered.”

Vilmont has been with the Wahoo Police Department for 10 years, eight years as full-time and part-time before that. Prior to starting fulltime in Wahoo, he worked at the Ashland Police Department. He still has been doing some part time work for Ashland and other departments.

He and his wife, who works for Archbishop Bergan School, live in Fremont, but he said he is very comfortable on the streets of Wahoo.

As lieutenant, he will still get to patrol those streets but there will be other duties on his plate too. He will begin a regular schedule of evening and night shifts and will become the supervisor during those shifts. His duties will also include work with scheduling, paperwork and to step in during the absence of the police chief.

Changes are ahead for the department. A long-proposed remodel of the police department is coming into focus again and the city is growing.

Vilmont said he applied for the leadership position because he wants to be a positive part of the changes.

“I want to be a part and have an affect with the changes,” he said.

Vilmont started his law enforcement career with three years of service with the military police. After that he ventured into the world of private business and accounting.

Then, 9/11 happened and he said he started to rethink his career decision.

“I wanted to be doing something more,” he said.

He went back to law enforcement and still stands by that decision.

“I never regretted it,” he said. “I enjoy the job and the people I work with.”

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