WAHOO – Wahoo now has its own swim team to compete with other communities.

Aquatics Coordinator Andrea Woita said she has wanted to form a swim team for years and saw the opportunity to make that desire a reality this past spring.

“I decided this was the year it would happen,” Woita said.

After receiving the go ahead from Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Stuhr in April, Woita and volunteers Linda Hardy, Maggie Walter, Cori Mooberry and Stephanie Custer will help coach.

Woita said the Wahoo swim team will be joining a swim league comprised of different communities north of Wahoo. The East Husker Conference Swim League includes Fremont, Dodge, Scribner and other nearby communities.

“We just asked if we could join and they said yes,” Woita said.

Age groups for the swim team will include kids anywhere from five to 18 years old. Woita said in order to qualify for the swim team, children under eight years old must be able to swim the length of the pool and kids nine and above must show themselves to be knowledgeable of the different swim strokes that will be used.

“We’ll take as many as want to come,” Woita said. “We’ll probably start small and grow from there.”

Their goal for this first year is to have 15 to 20 team members.

She said practices will be held Monday through Friday at the Wahoo Aquatics Center. The team will also compete in swim meets against other communities. These meets will be organized in a similar manner to track meets.

“Our goal is to develop a love for swimming and build better swimmers. We want to share our love of swimming with the kids of Wahoo,” Woita said.

Registration for the swim team began Tuesday and will be open until the practices start on June 3. Membership costs will be $50 for Civic Center members and $65 for non-members.

Woita said registration for swim lessons at the Aquatic Center is open until lessons start on June 10. Lessons will continue until July 18, Mondays through Thursdays.

“We’ve had a number of people sign up already. It’s a great program that helps kids become more independent and stay safe around the water,” Woita said.

For more info, contact Woita at 402-430-4803 or andreawoita@gmail.com.

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