OUT IN FRONT: Sheryl Wieneke stands by her Stockyard Café sign last Thursday morning shortly after the eatery at the Wahoo Sale Barn closed for the day. But, she had one more day to return to the kitchen before retirement. Her last day was Friday. (Staff Photo by Lisa Brichacek)

WAHOO – Sheryl Wieneke hung up the “closed” sign for the last time Friday.

After 20 years of operating the Stockyard Café at the Wahoo Sale Barn, she decided it was time to retire from the restaurant business.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it was one that she made with her family.

“I’ve missed a lot with my family. I’ve never had weekends,” she said.

She is ready to do some traveling now and spend some time with family all across the U.S.

Still, she knows there will be adjustments to not getting up every day and going to the café, not having food to order in advance and not worrying about her kitchen that has served so many customers over the years.

She will miss the customers and her employees most of all.

“It’s an old barn that was made into a family,” Wieneke said about the café.

On the cafe walls, there were pictures brought in and hung up by customers. They wanted to share a piece of themselves in the cafe.

“It was everybody’s place,” Wieneke added with a smile.

A few things were coming off the walls, though, before her last day on Friday. Some of the decorations that Wienke placed herself were highly sought after.

“People have been buying stuff off the walls, signs and everything,” she said.

Business was booming for food orders too. Since her retirement announcement, business has been busier than ever. But, she couldn’t point to just one item on the menu that has been her best seller.

Her menu, she said, had been developed over the years based on what her customers really liked.

“Everything on my menu I sell,” she said.

Wieneke was handed the keys for the Stockyard Café in July 1999. She said she has been through three owners during her 20 years.

She gave a lot of credit to her employees over the years for helping to make her work rewarding. She credited her family too.

All four of her kids worked at the Stockyard Café. While her job meant that she had to sometimes miss their activities, it was nice to be able to work with them.

Her husband, Myron, did a lot behind the scenes too.

“He has been amazing, helping me out whenever I need it,” she said.

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