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Natural Resources

Nebraska groundwater levels continued to rise in the areas most affected by the 2012 drought, according to a new report from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Conservation and Survey Division. Still, some portions of the state recorded levels below those of the pre-drought years.

Nebraska windbreaks have played an important role in the protection of livestock as Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers have worked to protect their cattle during a remarkably long and harsh winter. Since 1972 Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) have worked with Nebraska landowners to plant over 96 million trees and shrubs. Many of these plantings are multi-purpose windbreaks that shade and shelter homes, reduce soil erosion, protect crops and provide food and cover for wildlife. But this winter, it was the protection windbreaks provided cattle that proved most beneficial to Nebraska farmers and ranchers.

“Keep Life Simple” is the theme of the annual Women in Agriculture Conference, which will feature information and advice about simplicity and excellence, making meals with a multi-cooker, forage production, youth loans, farming with disabilities, and more.


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