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CARP-O-RAMA COMING: The annual fishing event known as Carp-O-Rama is scheduled for June 22 at the Branched Oak State Recreation Area near Malcolm.  (Staff Photo by Jason Unger)

MALCOLM – Lieber’s Point at Branched Oak State Recreation Area will host the annual Carp-O-Rama event on June 22 starting at 8 a.m.

The one-day event will culminate at 1 p.m. and over the five hours anglers will get a lesson on how to catch, clean and cook carp.

Nebraska Game and Parks officials will offer advice on fishing equipment and techniques and will also provide demonstrations on fish preparation.

The area will be pre-baited on June 21 to attract fish and improve carp catching opportunities.

For those looking to catch fish, Nebraska Game Parks Fisheries Biologist Daryl Bauer has one tip – arrive early.

“The fishing will be best early Saturday morning. Carp will get spooked and with the large crowds they will become wary and it will be harder to catch them as it gets later in the day,” Bauer added.

Carp-O-Rama is an all ages event and often brings a couple of hundred anglers to the SRA just north of Lincoln.

Loaner fishing equipment, bait and advice from experts will be provided.

All of the carp caught will be used in demonstrations on cleaning, preparing and cooking the fish.

At last year’s event more than 100 pounds of carp were cooked up for the free lunch offered to all in attendance.

Bauer said that carp are a great fish for beginning anglers to pursue. They are plentiful statewide and the required equipment remains simple.

The strong-fighting fish are not restricted by bag, possession limits or size limits.

The north and east side of Lieber’s Point will be chummed with corn the day before the event and a can of corn can come in handy when baiting a hook.

“Canned whole kernel corn is a great bait for carp

and homemade dough baits are also pretty effective,” Bauer added.

A park entry permit is required for each vehicle entering Branched Oak SRA.

The popular SRA is located four miles north of Malcolm in Lancaster County.

A fishing license is required of anglers age 16 and older. Both permits can be purchased at the park.

“Carp-O-Rama is just one of many family fishing events we sponsor every year and it is definitely one of the most popular,” Bauer stated.

For a complete list of family fishing outings throughout the summer go online to

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