WAHOO – “Get out and fish before it gets too hot.”

Those are the words of Nebraska Game and Parks Fisheries Biologist Daryl Bauer, encouraging anglers to get out and get some bait in the water before June comes to end.

“May and June are the two best months for fishing in Nebraska. So grab a friend and go fishing,” Bauer said.

Bauer said that fishing will become more difficult in July and August when temperatures consistently climb in the 90’s.

Bauer said all kinds of fish are biting a pits, ponds and lakes across Nebraska.

Bauer said that water was cold and dirty at Lake Wanahoo early this spring, but said that conditions are improving.

“We were so cold and wet in March and April it really made catching fish difficult, but it’s getting better at Wanahoo,” Bauer stated.

Bauer said the crappie, bass and walleye bite is taking off. He also said it is still possible to fish for pike, although that window is closing quickly with the warmer temperatures.

“They are called northern pike for a reason. They are cold weather fish and when it gets hot they look for deeper water and catching them becomes way more challenging,” said Bauer.

At Branched Oak State Recreation Area near Malcolm, the fishing is also on an uptick according to Bauer.

The crappie bite has been good the past couple of weeks, plus some catfish, mostly channel cats, but also flatheads and even a few big blues. Walleyes, wipers and an occasional largemouth bass have also been thrown in for variety.

Speaking of crappie, the crappie bite is picking up at Czechland Lake near Prague. Bass and channel cats have also been caught at Czechland the past month as water quality has improved.

Bauer also reminds anglers to not forget about Memphis Lake SRA in Memphis.

Bass and catfish are plentiful at Memphis SRA and drinking water has now been restored for folks who are looking to camp in Memphis.

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