Mead Shed

TICKETS AND STORAGE: Construction is complete on the 32x48 garage east of Mead High School.  The new structure replaces the 25-year old ticket booth and houses three vehicles and a new tractor.  (Staff Photo by Jason Unger)

MEAD – Football fans walking through the gates this fall at Mead High School will notice a major upgrade before the first whistle of the season.

Construction is complete on the new storage shed/ticket booth located to the east of the high school.

The shed houses three vehicles and a new tractor along with mowing equipment and other items used to maintain the grounds around the elementary and high school.

The 32x48 shed cost $40,000 and in addition to sheltering the vehicles and the new tractor also replaces the existing ticket booth that stood for nearly three decades before being torn down last October.

“It was time for the old shed to come down. The walls were rotten. It was just in bad shape. It took less than an hour to get it down and taken out of there,”said Mead Superintendent Dale Rawson.

Fencing was also removed and replaced with new black wrought-iron fence extending from the new shed to the weight room and concession stand.

“I wasn’t sold on the fencing, but now that it is done I think it really looks nice,” said Rawson.

After demolition of the old ticket booth, construction began on the new shed in November and the bulk of the work was done by Ryan Scanlon who is the head of maintenance for both schools.

“Ryan did the heavy lifting on the project. He has over 20 years of construction experience and along with the help of Dale Nygren and his teleloader it didn’t take long,” said Rawson.

Rawson and some high school shop students were also instrumental in the construction of the new building.

Favorable weather allowed for work to continue through November and December.

“We had a few really, really cold days, but we were able to work pretty much every day,” said Rawson.

Work began on Nov. 16 and the shed was completed three days before Christmas.

Two windows on the south side of the garage will allow volunteers to take tickets. The brave souls will have to deal with the heat in August and September and the cold in October.

The decision was made to not add heating and cooling components and no plumbing was run into the shed, but insulation was put in to help keep the cold out if old man winter rears his head.

“It’s a garage. We considered it, but then you get into potential problems down the road,” Rawson added.

Rawson stated that the shed will also provide shelter for opposing football teams during the 15-minute halftime period. In year’s past, the visitors would have to congregate under the scoreboard or migrate back to their bus.

“We are going to put some benches in there and have teams just go in there to get out of the weather if need be,” Rawson added.

The new garage has also alleviated parking and space issues for school vehicles on the east side of the high school.

“I have noticed that it has made a big difference. It’s just less congested back there,” said Mead Principal P.J. Quinn.

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