WAHOO – After nearly four decades as a member of the Capitol Conference, Wahoo High School will join five other high schools in the new Trailblazer Conference for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Warriors officially joined Ralston, Beatrice, Plattsmouth, Nebraska City and Platteview on June 17 on the strength of a school board vote. A vote which allowed them to jettison the Capitol Conference and join the other trailblazers in the newly formed conference.

Wahoo Superintendent Brandon Lavaley insists that the reason for becoming a part of the new conference has nothing to do with being an unhappy member of the Capitol Conference.

Instead, it was the unique opportunity to form a new conference and a numbers game which convinced Wahoo to make the switch.

“We have been great partners with the Capitol Conference for 35 years, but we feel like this move will be great for us,” said Lavaley.

Next season, Wahoo’s final in the Capitol Conference, the Warriors will compete against Arlington, Ashland-Greenwood, Douglas County West, Fort Calhoun, Raymond Central, Platteview and Syracuse.

The majority of the school’s in the Capitol Conference compete at the C-1 level, however, many of the Warriors’ athletic, fine arts and music programs compete at the Class B level.

“The new conference will allow for new opportunities for us, not only on the high school level, but also on the middle school level,” Lavaley stated.

Many of the Warrior middle school programs have enough participants to warrant three and sometimes four teams per class, making scheduling difficult.

Many of the school’s in the Capitol Conference do not have enough players to support that many teams at the middle school level, leaving some of the Wahoo teams short on game competition.

“Joining a conference with larger schools will benefit our middle school athletic programs greatly. We will be able to get more games,” said Lavaley.

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