LINCOLN – The Nebraska School Activities Association announced the recipients of the Spring 2018-2019 Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association Academic All-State Awards.

Since 2006, this NSAA Award Program has recognized students who meet the criteria for nomination by their school in the season of their activity.

Area students earning recognition include:


Grant Anderson (baseball), Trey Comstock (Boys Golf), Rece Kissinger (Boys Golf), Zekeil Jackson (journalism), Olivia Rogers (journalism), Riley Herring (music), Halle Starns (music), Micah Judds (track and field), Bryce Kitrell (track and field), Sasha Chekulaieva (track and field) and Haley Lyons (track and field).

Bishop Neumann

Trey Ahrens (baseball), Noah Briley (boys golf), Lindsey Thiele (boys golf), Halle Hiemstra (music), Marcela Sousek (music), Thomas

Haberman (track and field), Eli Vedral (track and field), Hadley Chvatal (track and field) and Katie Lilly (track and field).

Cedar Bluffs

Megan Nielsen (journalism), Sarah Rhoads (journalism), Christine Kotschwar (music), Skylar Shanahan (track and field) and Kalley Sukstorf (track and field).

East Butler

Matthew Janak (music, track and field), Miranda Spatz (music, track and field) and Erin Barta (track and field).


Emily Hanson (music), Jacob Hering (music), Blaine Nicola (track and field), Jaden Felty (track and field) and Becca Halbmaier (track and field).

Raymond Central

Lucas Buresh (baseball), Michael Potter (baseball), Felicity Ramsey (music), Brigit Shultz (music), Easton Albrecht (track and field), Logan Parde (track and field), Amanda Gyhra (track and field) and Rylee Haecker (track and field).


Avery Spicka (music), Jackson Taylor (music), Grant Crockett (track and field), Luke Partridge (track and field), Kendal Brigham (track and field) and Jaci Schnakenberg (track and field).


Rhett Jordon (baseball), Jonah Reiser (baseball), Jaden Kearney (boys golf), Valerie Gerlach (track and field), Grace Merklein (track and field), Jacob Dill (music), Lauren Kasparek (music), Harrison Martindale (soccer), Samuel Schneider (soccer), Sierra Sander (soccer), Zoey Nelson (tennis), Mackenzie Steckelberg (tennis), Alex Murray (track and field), Carter Prang (track and field), Abigail Clarke (track and field) and Alex Danson (track and field)


Will Elgert (boys golf), Joel Pleskac (boys golf), Haley Herman (journalism), Teagan Jacobs (journalism), Kaden Hufstedler (track and field), Colby Tichota (track and field), Emily Fisher (track and field), Johanna Vandenack (track and field)

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