Heroes into homes

CARS AND CARING: Tami Peshek, standing center, mans the Heroes Into Homes booth at the Davey Car Show Sunday. The show raised about $4,000 for the local non-profit dedicated to helping military veterans escaping homelessness. (Staff Photo by Allan Christensen)

DAVEY – Over 100 cars and 250 people gathered in Davey on Sunday for the first Davey Car Show and to help a good cause.

The Davey Car Club partnered with several sponsors to support a local non-profit group, Heroes Into Homes.

Cars and motorcycles lined the intersection of Second and Cedar streets in Davey as music played over the loud speakers and people admired the wide array of vehicles.

Everything from classic cars to more modern sports cars were on display, as well as a full assortment of motorcycles, ranging from Harley-Davidsons to vintage Japanese models.

All the proceeds from the people registering their cars and motorcycles in the show, as well as all money brought in from t-shirt and koozie sales went toward Heroes Into Homes.

Jake Otte from the Davey Car Club said that giving back to veterans was one of their main goals.

Otte said the club had been traveling to other car shows in the area and decided that the club should try and start its own show.

Once the group decided to put on the show they were connected with Heroes Into Homes.

Heroes Into Homes is a non-profit dedicated to helping fight homelessness among military veterans.

Tami Peshek, one of the board members of Heroes Into Homes, said that when homeless veterans are placed in Victory Park Veterans Residence, they often do so with only the clothes on their back and few personal belongings.

Peshek, a veteran of the Air Force herself, said that is where Heroes Into Homes comes in.

The charitable group supplies veterans coming out of homelessness with furniture and food, furnishings and linens, just about anything needed to turn an empty apartment into a home.

Heroes Into Homes also runs a on-site food pantry at Victory Park, located at 70th and O Street in Lincoln.

Otte said that the car show had raised about $3,000 to $4,000 from the registrations and sponsors and that figure could still grow as merchandise sales continued throughout the event.

It is money that Shon Olson, Heroes Into Homes board member and “once a Marine, always a Marine,” appreciates.

“We want to say ‘thank you,’” Olson said. “Heroes Into Homes can’t do what they do without the community.”

If you would like to learn more about Heroes Into Homes, check out their website at heroesintohomes.org.

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