EAGLE – The Eagle Board of Trustees has given the final nod to a new parking ordinance.

At its Aug. 19 meeting, the board unanimously passed an ordinance address concerns about parking vehicles on the village’s streets and rights-of-way.

Board Chairman Travis Moore said that the ordinance was something the board wanted to address after concerns were raised by residents and law enforcement.

Moore said that there have been a lot of problems with recreational vehicles and trailers being left in the street indefinitely, causing problems with visibility on the roads.

The new ordinance goes into effect Sept. 3 and puts a 12-hour time limit for vehicles parked on municipal streets.

The board cast its initial favor on the new parking regulation at a previous meeting, but second and final reading took place last week. Moore added the new regulation will offer some teeth for enforcement.

Another ordinance passed by the village establishes a range of salaries for employees of the village.

According to Moore, Eagle would previously handle each salary on a case by case basis. When a new position came up and was filled it would require a discussion and a vote from the Board.

The new ordinance simplifies the hiring process and gives current employees an insight on what they could be earning, Moore said.

The board also voted to approve a mandatory upgrade of modems in the village’s Lifepaks.

Lifepak is a brand name monitor and defibrillator used in emergency medical situations. The village currently has the Lifepak 15, using third generation modems.

The new modems will be fourth generation, a move that is mandatory to maintain functionality.

The upgrade will cost the village around $1,500, according to the meeting agenda.

The board heard a report on the wells and sewers and, according to Moore, the Eagle water tower’s maintenance is completed.

The Board of Trustee’s next meeting will be held Tuesday, Sept. 3.

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