EAGLE – The Eagle Board of Trustees held a budget workshop Aug. 26 to discuss the upcoming fiscal year and potential hikes to the tax levy.

In a special meeting of the board, the trustees heard from village accountant Lisa Riley.

According to the meeting minutes, Riley said that the village had a total taxable value of almost $55 million with a value attributable to growth of over $550,000.

Three options were presented to the board to consider regarding the mill levy. One option leaves the rate where it is, the second would decrease the rate and the third would increase the levy.

According to the minutes, the first option would produce around $3,000 in additional funds for the village due to growth. The decrease in the rate would bring in no additional money. The third option would bring in around $14,000 additional to last year’s tax income for the village.

Chairman of the village board Travis Moore said that the options really boil down to keeping the levy where it is, a position he supports, and raising the levy.

Moore said after the meeting that the board had lowered the levy to its current rate in 2018 after a year of growth brought it an increase in tax revenues.

According to the minutes, Trustees Josh Lahmon and John Surman said that they don’t think the village can stay on top of its responsibilities at the current levy rate.

The 2-cent increase would mean an extra $20 on every $100,000 in valuation.

Moore said during the meeting that he was in favor of cuts to spending rather than increasing the tax rate.

It’s a position he reiterated after the meeting.

“My suggestion was, if (the board is) worried about our spending and our revenue, then let’s go back and cut some spending,” Moore said. “But no one had any interest in doing that.”

Moore said if cuts needed to be made he would rather see projects he has championed in the past, like the improvement of the park and pool, be shorted financially in the short term to keep the village levy steady.

The budget workshop is just the opening to a discussion that will continue during the board’s next regular meeting, Monday, Sept. 16.

The Board of Trustees also held its regular meeting Tuesday, Sept. 3.

In a short meeting the board approved a request by Parents and Teachers of Eagle (PTE) for barricades and traffic cones for an event to be held Oct. 18. The PTE is holding its Eagle Elementary Glow Fun Run from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The village board also tabled a proposal to approve the installation of box culverts by Bock Concrete until they had gathered more information on the proposal.

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