WAVERLY – Camp Creek’s first EEK! At the Creek event Saturday was a booming success, according to Camp Creek President Mike Faughn as he estimated over 400 kids and parents attended the evening event at the club’s fairgrounds.

Going into the event Faughn said that he hoped the event would draw around 200 to 250 people and told people who had signed up to hand out candy to plan for that.

In the end, it was not enough but Faughn said everyone went home happy.

“If we had any weaknesses at all, it’s that we didn’t estimate enough candy,” Faughn said “We were jumping through hoops trying to generate enough candy for all those kids.”

Faughn said that it was some amazing teamwork by all those involved at EEK! at the Creek that made it successful.

“Here we told them to plan for 200 (to attend), a lot of them came with 400 to 500 (pieces of candy) so that helped us out a great deal and was able to replenish the people that ran out,” Faughn said. “Every station we had had candy throughout the entire two hours. So, that was pretty cool.”

The club’s goal in its initial foray into “trunk or treating” was to have 30 stations for kids to stop at and Faughn said that the event eclipsed the club’s goal.

Faughn said that the club had a post-event meeting to discuss the event and came back with nothing but positive feedback from his members involved.

Even the finicky fall Nebraska weather cooperated and provided a warm evening for all the Ironmen, Batmen, Wonderwomen and football players who were out collecting some early Halloween candy.

With the rousing success of Saturday’s event, Faughn said to expect a second EEK! At the Creek next year.

“Everybody’s excited about doing it again and maybe even expanding,” Faughn said. “We’re hoping we can get more people interested after this first inaugural, especially when they start talking to other members on how much fun they had doing it.”

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