EAGLE – The Eagle Board of Trustees began preliminary discussions on water and sewer rates as they reviewed the rate study at their Oct. 21 meeting.

A copy of the study reveals that water rates have drawn a small profit for the village, around $5,000, but the sewer rates left the village in the red.

A large jump in costs for operating supplies, from around $2,500 in fiscal year 2018 to over $30,000 in fiscal year 2019, looks to be a major factor in the loss of almost $80,000.

The study shows losses from sewer rates have risen dramatically since fiscal year 2017.

According to the study, the village was in the red around just $2,800 in fiscal year 2017.

While user fees have remained somewhat steady over the last three fiscal years, operating expenses have risen sharply.

Expenses have risen 22-percent since 2017 as incomes from user fees have dropped five-percent.

The study also lays out two proposed plans for rate increases.

Option one would start with a $9 monthly minimum for water use and add small fees starting at $1.80 and getting incrementally higher depending on usage.

As for sewer rates, the first option would have a $32 monthly fee with $5 added for every 1,000 gallons of water used based on the average amount of water metered during the preceding winter quarter (January, February and March).

Option two would have an $8.50 monthly minimum and a scale starting at $1.60 for water and sewer rates would start at $30.75 and add $4.50 for every 1,000 gallons.

No action has been taken and discussions will continue in future board meetings.

Travis Moore, chairman of the board of trustees, said the board will seek guidance from Nebraska Rural Water Association and other outside professional organizations as they continue water and sewer rate discussions.

The village board also approved bids for concrete replacement and new site furnishings at the Eagle Municipal Park.

The approved bid for around $7,500 will mean new concrete and pedestal grills for shelters on the west side of the park, according to Village Clerk Nick Nystrom.

The slabs have been a focus of the newly revived Eagle Park and Rec Commission headed by Moore.

Moore said in August when the commission was revitalized that the deteriorating slabs and paint on the shelters had caught the eye of the group in its initial walkthrough of the park.

The board of trustees also approved the reimbursement of around $2,500 for two Eagle Fire and Rescue Department members who received their emergency medical technician license.

Angela Lonergan and Makinsey Lonergan successfully completed the training at Southeast Community College.

The board also voted to reimburse Eagle Fire and Rescue $400 for Eagle Elementary’s Fire Awareness Day.

The village continues to try and fill a vacancy in the city office for the role of deputy clerk/treasurer.

The board approved the resignation of Stephanie Hestermann in its Sept. 16 meeting.

The next regular meeting for the board will be Nov. 5.

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