RAYMOND – Raymond Central Public Schools has some solid information to help build a road map.

Superintendent Derrick Joel said the Vision 2025 held in various locations across the district this past semester provided good discussion and feedback.

“Overall, I felt we had good attendance and great conversations,” he said.

A list of themes and discussions from the meetings has been compiled.

“This will be a great data set going into the July board retreat to look at for setting goals,” Joel added.

The community forums for Vision 2025 began in February and rotated to different communities each month through May. To spur that discussion and community there were basic questions asked at each of the forums.

Those basic questions were What is different for you now compared to 10 to 20 years ago; In regards to what you see different, what do you believe are two action solutions and what is the school and personnel role in the solution; and what skills do you want students to graduate Raymond Central with as a

foundation to their future?

Joel said there was a lot of discussion about technology and making sure students are responsibility with that technology.

Stakeholders also seemed to understand that the current generation in school might be more comfortable with non-traditional means of communication. However, there was discussion about not using technology as a crutch and making sure students also understand the importance of face to face communication.

Making sure the “four year high school experience” remains positive was another discussion point that seemed to emerge at most of the forums. Joel said the focus always needs to be on the students.

Another discussion point that he found interesting was helping students learn that mistakes don’t always mean failure.

“We talked about students learning from their mis-

takes,” he added.

Board of Education members and the administration will continue to chew on the community input, as well as bring in other planning tools, to develop a strategic plan for the district.

“The landscape of education is changing and the direction we are going is important because we need to adapt as a district to the needs and wants of our students and our parents,” he said.

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