RAYMOND – Raymond Central Public Schools will complete its transition to one computer for every student next year.

The district will also now implement a computer fee into this student fee policy.

The Board of Education took action on the change to the 2019-2020 student fee schedule at its meeting May 15.

After the meeting Superintendent Derrick Joel reported this is the first time the district will charge a technology fee to kindergarten through 12th grade students.

“The technology fee goes to help replace devices as they age out,” Joel said,

The school’s technology committee looked at what other schools are doing for technology fees.

The superintendent said the range for student use of technology fees was from $20 to $25 and the district opted to stay on the low end of the scale.

There will also be a separate fee that a student could be charged if damage occurs to the device.

“The other fee is what happens if I drop it,” he said.

The technology committee is developing this policy, which will spell out the cost for such items as replacing a screen or repairing an adapter.

Students will not be allowed to take their devices home, which should help cut down on damages and repairs from being transported or unsupervised.

Joel said the exciting part needing such policies and fees is that it means there will be one to one access for students and devices. The school has been very close,

but not quite 1:1 in the past.

One hundred additional Chromebooks will be purchased to complete the 1:1 needs at the high school. 

Joel also reported the Raymond Central TeamMates chapter gave a presentation at the meeting last week. The goal of the chapter is to have 30 matches of mentees-mentors by 2020.

TeamMates is a school based program that matches a student with an adult who serves as a positive role model. The mentors meet with mentees on a regular basis during the school day.

The superintendent said this is a great program and all students can benefit from having another role model in their lives.

For more information about the program or to volunteer, contact Counselor Kris White at the Valparaiso Elementary School.

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