RAYMOND – The activity at Raymond Central Public Schools is not slowing down too much this summer.

Superintendent Dr. Derrick Joel reported Monday that several improvement projects are underway at the district’s buildings.

At Ceresco Elementary, a crew will be installing the final phase of air quality improvements. Joel said six more heat pumps will be added and new controls installed as well. The work will complete a project begun last year.

This final phase will allow the entire building to be on the same system.

Work is going on at the elementary in Valparaiso too. Joel said there were some corrosion issues in the mechanical room in the basement. The metal plates and poles at issue are being replaced.

New windows for the north side of Valparaiso Elementary are due to arrive in July. Those too will be replaced. The existing windows were damaged by hail.

A third project in Valparaiso involves replacing the floor of the kitchen’s walk in refrigerator. It has become chipped over the years.

“We need to fix the floor,” the superintendent said.

At the high school, it will be the track that will receive improvement work.

Joel said the last improvements to the track were eight years ago. Some of the rubber surfacing is now coming off, there are cracks and it is in need of paint.

Midwest Tennis and Track will apply a new top coat, patch bad spots and repaint the lines. The company’s bid was $51,950.

Joel said this work will hopefully extend the life of the track for at least another eight years.

The bid was approved at the June 10 Board of Education meeting.

The board will be meeting again for a special session Monday, July 1. This will be the final Vision 2020 Community Forum.

The district has been holding forums in several communities this year, gathering input for a strategic planning process.

Joel said a summary of all those previous meetings will be put together and presented at the upcoming meeting.

“We’ll go through the notes and have some conversation,” he said. The next step will be to determine what to put into the strategic plan and determine how to measure goal outcomes.

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