WAVERLY – Don’t expect much in city projects this coming fiscal year.

That was the message from City Administrator Stephanie Fischer at last week’s city council meeting.

The council went over proposed budgets from its departments for the 2019-2020 fiscal year and Fischer was upfront that the year would be pared down in preparation for what could shape up to be a busy 2020-2021 fiscal year.

With a pool project headed down the pipeline, the city plans to hold tight on any new projects this coming year.

The numbers in this initial budget are subject to change, as they are only initial offerings in a very long process before city approval.

The initial proposal allocates just over $97,000 for the pool fund for next year. Over 66-percent of that figure is allocated for salaries.

The park fund shares costs on salaries with the park fun. It allocates around $34,000 for items specific to the city’s sports leagues.

The streets budget is where the numbers start to grow. Public Works Director Tracy Whyman sent a proposal for just under $780,000 to the city council. Almost

half of that is to be used for street repairs, according to the proposal.

Water’s initial budget is over half a million dollars with $146,000 of the proposal allocated to a Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality loan repayment.

Sewer has the highest proposal, coming in around $876,000. More than half of that is bond notes and interest payments, totaling $479,300.

Fischer also informed the council that the final conceptual drawing for the Waverly pool project will be revealed at the Waverly Splash Bash. The event is to be held Aug. 11.

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