Grilling Dogs: GRI

GRILLING DOGS: Bryce Erickson works the grill outside the Waverly Community Building before the Splash Bash Sunday. Erickson is a part of the Waverly Community Foundation, which is one of the organizers of the event. (Staff Photo by Allan Christensen)

WAVERLY – The Waverly Aquatic Center Committee revealed the proposed pool in a meeting Sunday evening.

The committee showed the final concept that it had been working on with engineering firm Lamp Rynearson.

The event – with grilled hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones and yard games – was as much a block party atmosphere as it was an informational meeting to see the plans being developed since earlier this year.

Around 75 people packed into the Waverly Community Building to see the slideshow.

Kris Bohac, chairwoman of the WAC Committee, and Kyle McCawley, of Lamp Rynearson, gave a run-down of the information the committee had compiled from the town in previous meetings and how it had incorporated that feedback into a design.

The proposed pool would sit in what is now a ballfield in Wayne Park, just south of the current pool’s location.

The committee considered several sites around the city but found that the proposed site would have the least negative impact and allow for no missed days in the pool season.

The plans call for diving boards, water slides, a current channel or “lazy river,” and an area for smaller children including an area with little to no standing water called a “splash area.”

The committee also revealed the price tag on the project, $4.6 to $5 million.

The Bash kicked off the committee’s fundraising efforts. Bohac said the initial goal is $1 million, but that even once they hit that number it will continue to be a process.

The committee will continue to pursue and apply for grants and seek sponsorships.

“We’re willing to put your name on anything if you’re willing to pay for it,” Committee Member Lindsay Erickson said about attracting sponsors.

The proposed pool would more than double the current pool’s capacity and square footage, from 200 people to 485 and 4,200 square feet to 8,495, respectively.

Bohac said she hopes the proposed plan will not just expand the capacity but expand the age range it appeals to in town.

“It’s about making something for this community,” Bohac said.

The hope is that construction will begin at the end of next year’s pool season but that is contingent on fundraising.

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