WAVERLY – The Waverly City Council approved two agreements and appointed a city street superintendent in a brief, businesslike Oct. 22 meeting.

    In the quick 19-minute meeting, the council approved or amended two agreements.

    The first was an agreement for a Multi-Material Recyclable Collection Site.

    The agreement between the City of Lincoln, Waverly, School District No. 145 and Honey Creek Restaurant will set up a drop-off facility at the restaurant located at 13631 Energy Way in Waverly.

    In the agreement, the City of Lincoln also agreed to cover the cost of repairing the concrete pad and fence where the recycling containers are located.

    Waverly has agreed to place crushed rock in front of the recycling site as well.

    A previous agreement with Lamp Rynearson, the firm that has been key in the development of the proposed Waverly Aquatic Center, was unanimously amended.

    The new agreement adds $11,000 to a previous $17,500 agreement.

    The increased cost comes with new duties for Lamp Rynearson.

    The firm will create a base map and two separate site improvement concepts that will include plans for access and parking.

    Lamp Rynearson will also now provide a conceptual site plan that will broaden its initial scope and include a plan on how to repurpose the existing pool site and surrounding amenities.

    Lastly, the firm will provide potential landscape designs, an engineer’s estimate on costs and the firm will attend one city council meeting to present the concept to the council and answer any questions.

    In other business the city also passed a resolution to authorize temporary “no parking” signs on the north and south side of Oldfield Street, east of 146th Circle.

    The no parking order will go into effect at 7 a.m. on Nov. 7 to allow for the relocation of a house.

    The council voted unanimously to approve Tracey Whyman, city director of public works, as the City of Waverly’s street superintendent.

    The appointment brings the city in compliance with a Nebraska Department of Transportation mandate that each incorporated municipality annually certify a street superintendent.

    The council voted to table a vote on granting a non-exclusive franchise to Infinity 8 Broadband to construct, install, operate, maintain and repair fiber optic cable in the city of Waverly.

    In the consent agenda, the council approved a new member for the Waverly Fire and Rescue Department.

    The council will hold its next regular meeting Nov. 5.

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