WAVERLY – As some businesses and services begin to reopen in Waverly, people are starting to have options again as in where they can go. With doctors’ offices opening up more people have regained some convenience for their healthcare including dental.

One place that is opening up again, with precautions of course, is Amberly Dental in Waverly. With COVID-19 still being of issue, Dr. Tim Vacek said the office is still taking plenty of steps to ensure sanitary facilities for patients. Then again, he said, before this pandemic began a clean office has always been a top priority.  

“We’ve been scheduling appointments with some time in between to deep clean the rooms after each use,” Vacek said. “The bottom line is as we go through this, we’ve always dealt with infectious diseases and have always maintained the highest level of protocol. So, we haven’t really changed much, we’ve just been doing the universal precautions, we’re just reinforcing them a bit more strongly now.”

Some patients may not be comfortable sitting in a waiting room. To accommodate for this, Amberly Dental is taking extra measures for safety. 

“People can come and wait inside the office if they want, but they don’t need to,” Vacek said. “If some feel more safe to call or text when they arrive that’s a possibility, it’s kind of like a virtual waiting room. Once folks do come in we’ll have hand sanitizer and masks available to whoever wants them. We have set up our waiting room to have proper social distancing, and we’re going to take everyone’s temperature.”

  Of course the patients aren’t the only ones who can catch diseases. Vacek and the staff also are making sure they stay healthy as they do their work and see more of the people’s smiling faces once again.

“All employees are wearing masks and face shields,” Vacek said. “It’s a bit awkward for us, because we try to be personal and have patients as our friends as well, but now we’re putting these big barriers between us. But seeing smiling faces is still great to see again, we just now have a big plastic shield between us now.”

Vacek also said that they will have the office a bit cooler than usual, thus he suggests that some people may wish to bring a blanket as their teeth get worked on.

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