WAVERLY – As the school year comes to a close, activity remains brisk for District 145.

Superintendent Cory Worrell reported one of the big activities this week is getting seniors ready for commencement exercises on Sunday. Graduation is at 2 p.m. at the high school.

The Vikings are also busy this week with the state baseball tournament. For more information about the tournament, turn to this week’s sports page.

But graduation and state tournaments are not all that is on the mind of District 145 students, staff and administrators.

The Board of Education met May 6 to get some business done as well.

Worrell said personnel changes has been one of the pressing needs recently. There have been several resignations and replacement people to find.

The resignation approved last week was that of District Director of Curriculum and Learning, Scott Blum. His replacement will now be sought.

The board did give the nod last week to changes in staff, related to other resignations in past months. Tracie Hasenkamp will be the special education teacher at Waverly Middle School, replacing Nicki Markut. Natalie Madsen will be the social studies teacher at Waverly High School, replacing Tim Williams. Eric Dolezal will be the social studies teacher at Waverly High School, replacing Mike Johnson.

Kelby Phillips will teach science at Waverly High School, replacing Kathy Jackson. Lindsay Foxhoven will teach art at Waverly High School, replacing Ken Adkisson.

Worrell said several extracurricular groups also asked for permission from the board to take out of state trips, as is per school policy. FCCLA members were given the go ahead to attend national convention June 30 through July 4. SkillsUSA members will attend the national leadership conference June 23 through 29.

The board also discussed substitute teachers. Like many schools, District 145 sometimes has to deal with a substitute shortage.

Worrell said last week’s dialogue was a general one to explore options and the district’s overall position.

For example, a look was taken at the hourly wage that the district offers compared to other districts. Waverly must oftentimes compete with other schools for substitute teachers.

The superintendent said discussion also took place that teachers at the secondary level are offered compensation to perform as a “substitute” during their normal planning period, whereas elementary teachers currently are not.

There was also an overall look at the number of activities for the district and how that impacts substitute needs.

There was no action taken on any of these discussion points last week.

“It was a look at the issues and how we might handle in the future,” he said.

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