EAGLE – Eagle Village Board members have given the first round nod to an ordinance they are hopeful will ease some parking issues in town.

Eagle Village Clerk Nick Nystrom reported the board approved the first reading of an amendment to municipal code pertaining to the parking of trucks, trailers and recreational vehicles on streets and right of ways.

“Our current ordinance is a little vague,” he said.

The issue is trucks, trailers and RVs that are 25 feet or longer. When those are parked for extended periods of time on streets or public right of way, they can become visibility hazard.

Nystrom said the board considered an amendment to the parking regulations last year, but did not pass any changes. Now, parking is becoming an issue again.

The village looked at parking regulations in Waverly and Hickman and patterned changes after what is on the books in those communities.

The board did make a few tweaks to the proposed amendment at its July 15 meeting. Nystrom said the original document called for parking of such vehicles on village streets and right of way not to exceed two hours.

At last week’s meeting, that was changed to allow vehicles to be parked up to 12 hours.

“That way people can keep their vehicles overnight and go straight to work in the morning,” he said.

Last week’s approval was only the first reading of the parking amendments. Additional discussion and possible final action is expected at the board’s Aug. 6 meeting.

In other business last week, the board continued its effort to seat a Parks and Recreation Commission. Nystrom said the commission has existed in Eagle for some time, but has not been active in recent years.

The three-member commission would be tasked with overseeing the recreation facilities and operations, including the pool, and help guide improvements.

Nystrom said it has been a bit tough to find volunteers, but three applications have been received.

Upcoming board meetings will tackle the numbers for the new fiscal year. A date for the budget workshop has not been set yet, but the clerk said it is usually the second or third week in August.

The village is also getting ready to host the annual pool party for the Eagle Fire and Rescue volunteers and their families. Nystrom said the event Sunday evening is a way to give back to the volunteers and show appreciation for their service.

“They seem to enjoy it,” he added.

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