LINCOLN – The Lancaster Event Center (LEC) fairgrounds has mailed its first formal community impact report in its 18 year history to the citizens of Lancaster County.

“The colorful mailer full of pictures and fun facts will be hard to miss in your mailbox,” said Amy Dickerson, managing director. “We hope folks enjoy hearing about how their support of their event center and fairgrounds is driving national recognition that we have a great place for visitors across the USA to our county.”

Lancaster County citizens can respond to a few survey questions online about the content in the LEC community impact report to be entered to win one of 100 pairs of tickets to one of the LEC’s annual 320 events, including the upcoming Super Fair. All entries by July 1 will be included in the drawing at

A driving reason to release the report is new information from LEC’s recent economic impact study that showed nearly $40 million of annual economic impact from regional and national shows draw an average of 69 percent of their visitors from outside Lancaster County. The study was concluded in 2018 by the University of Nebraska Bureau of Business Research, led by Professor Dr. Eric Thompson with nearly 500 in-person interviews of LEC visitors across shows for a year.

“The impact of Lancaster Event Center includes nearly $1.3 million in local taxes and supports the equivalent of 531 full-time jobs in the county,” said Thompson upon the report’s release in late 2018.

Thompson mentioned this financial impact was complemented by this busy, multi-use facility also being used for 200 community events such as receptions, business trainings, charity fundraisers and youth sports practice and competitions, and of course the annual Lancaster County Super Fair. Little economic impact was included from the fair or any local events as the study made the conservative assumption that locals would have spent their dollars elsewhere in the county.

The Lancaster Event Center also is an emergency shelter for local people and their pets as well as for regional livestock as was put in use during the recent floods. The Lancaster Event Center directed over 500 large hay bales from generous donors in numerous neighboring states to farm and ranch flood victims across Nebraska.

The Lancaster Event Center fairgrounds opened in 2001 to be a home for the Lancaster County Fair. The fair will be celebrating its 150th year in 2020.

After generous donations from LEC supporters to cover the non-profit postage, the mailer was sent to all 133,000 households and 8,000 businesses in Lancaster County.

Citizens and businesses of Lancaster County are encouraged to be a part of the growth and impact at the Lancaster Event Center by visiting to volunteer, donate, advertise or visit one of 320 annual events with 470,000 visitors.

LEC is currently recruiting volunteers, vendors and sponsor advertisers by July 1 for the annual Lancaster County Super Fair, running 10 days from Aug. 1 to 10. More info can be found at or call Susan Bulling at 402-441-1828.

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