WINTER WAIT: The pool at Wayne Park in Waverly rests over the winter months. But, a Greater Area Foundation Fund committee is working to see what a future plan for an updated pool could look like by applying for a planning grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. (Staff Photo by Anna Boggs)

WAVERLY – Planning for a possible new summer attraction in Waverly is taking another step forward this winter.

The city is applying for a planning grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. The money from the DED’s Civic and Community Center Financing Fund would be used to pay for the planning phase for a new community pool.

Waverly City Administrator Stephanie Fisher said the city council gave the nod last month to a letter of intent to apply for the grant. A letter of intent has to be submitted by Jan. 15.

“So, we are a little ahead of that,” she added.

The grant application itself is due by Feb. 15 and Fisher said Hanna:Keelan Associates will continue to work with the city to prepare the grant application.

The community planning and consulting firm was hired last year by the Greater Waverly Area Foundation Fund. The foundation and an advisory committee took on the task of finding out if there was community interest in a new pool.

Results from a formal survey conducted by Hanna:Keelan suggested the community is looking for a new pool, with 190 respondents disagreeing or strongly disagreeing with the statement that the existing pool was fine.

Most of the 625 people who completed the survey said renovating the existing pool would be the best way to move forward, and a majority thought the pool should stay in Wayne Park. Among those who thought the pool should move, the leading location was somewhere on the north side of town, perhaps at Lawson Park.

But, none of those types of details have been determined yet.

Fisher, who also sits on the foundation’s advisory committee, said project scope, size, location, cost are what still need to be done during the planning phase.

The goal, she said, is to develop a solid plan and design that can be taken back to the community for further comment and potential fundrais-


“It will provide a mockup we can take to the community,” she added.

During an open house last June, the results from the survey were presented. It was also reported at that time the current 200-person capacity pool is 43 years old and capacity is proving to be a concern on some days of operation.

Fisher said notification should come in March if Waverly is one of the communities to receive funding from the matching grant program.

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