Martt Geiler

Martt Geiler 

OMAHA – Matt Geiler is making another return trip to Nebraska, and he has something special to share.

The 1993 Waverly High School graduate will take the stage at the B Side in Benson this Friday with his vintage pop band, Frederick Julius. The album release show will feature music from their new record Fixers and Elixirs.

Fixers and Elixirs releases nationwide Friday.

Geiler, who now lives in Los Angeles, is excited to debut the album live in Nebraska.

Recording and performing live music was not exactly the creative route that Geiler was on when he left the farm where he grew up north of Waverly. The comic has performed at the Funny Bone in Omaha and has also been a part of Second City in Chicago.

Geiler is also widely known for his Dancing Pumpkin Man meme that landed him on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. He’s made the rounds on college campuses with his comedy routines, he’s toured with comedian Wayne Brady and he has done work in both television and film.

But, music has never been far away from his comedy.

“I’ve worked music throughout my comedy thing,” Geiler said.

Music has been at the center of performances and he was always writing music.

It was about five years ago that he started recording songs.

“I got them out so it’s not rattling around in my head,” he said.

Then he said his wife, Jen, encouraged him “to stop moping around do something with it.”

Geiler had recorded some of the music he wrote so he wouldn’t lose it, but that was the encouragement he needed to do some pop/indie single releases.

“That was great because of the connection to the underground pop scene in LA,” he said.

About a year and half ago, he got a call from a guy who would become his record producer.

“He said ‘I like that vintage vibe you have going,’” Geiler recalled.

The seed for an album was planted and it was recorded over six weeks last year.

Friday’s live performance is going to be a new experience for the veteran entertainer.

“I’ve been a studio guy for a long time. I’ve been live with my comedy, but not with my music,” he said.

But, he is at a point in his life when he is ready to jump into a new chapter with both feet.

Geiler said it’s probably a “Midwest thing” but he has spent a portion of his life giving himself permission to try something new. Now, he has reached a new comfort zone in his career.

“(It’s about) being comfortable with myself as an artist, so I don’t care so much about what people are going to perceive,” he said.

That comfort zone also allows for creativity that has always flowed through him.

“I definitely want my life to be about doing the work I love,” he added.

He also likes to draw and has written and illustrated several children’s books.

“It’s about not being labeled in a box,” Geiler said. “It’s about all the different possibilities.”

That’s what he tells students when he talks at high schools too.

“If you know you really want to do something, get busy doing it,” he said.

This week, Geiler is busy getting ready for his album release. But, he’s going to spend some time relaxing as well.

He and his wife return to visit relatives and friends in Nebraska when they can and this trip will be another opportunity for that as well. Geiler said they had planned some time to chill and hang out.

Fixers and Elixirs boasts a slew of seasoned Los Angeles session talent including drums and percussion by Butch Norton (Eels, Lucinda Williams) and production by Mike Post (Young Creatures). Three songs from the record are already slated for week-long features on ReverbNation’s home page this fall.

The B Side performance Friday evening will showcase the bands Gin Blossoms-meets-Elliot Smith sound and a little of Geiler’s penchant for comedy and improvisation. Tickets for the 7 p.m. concert are $10 and are available through Eventbrite.

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