Joining the Board

District 145's newest board of education member Robin Kappler (left) is sworn in by Business Manager Robin Hoffman during the Nov. 5 meeting in Waverly. (Staff Photo by Peggy Brown)

WAVERLY – Robin Kappler made it through her first meeting as a member of the District 145 Board of Education last week.

No, the experience did not give her any second thoughts. If anything, she left the meeting eager to learn more.

“It made me realize that I have a lot to learn, but I feel like I’m surrounded by a great team,” Kappler said. “I’m excited for the opportunity.”

She was appointed to the board vacancy left in Ward 2 after Tiffany Johnson resigned last month.

Kappler said she’s grown to love what District 145 has to offer since moving to the Eagle area 17 years ago. She has two children enrolled in the district.

“I love the district and love the education that my kids have gotten,” she said. “I was at a good point in my life to get more involved.”

The district is known for encouraging students to continue learning after school, which is something she is passionate about. She is an assistant professor of nursing at Bryan Health, so she knows a thing or two about education.

“I wanted to be a board member because I have strong values for education,” Kappler said. “I think it’s important to establish and maintain a culture of lifelong learning.”

In her application to the district, Kappler said she is interested in learning more about the operations of District 145.

She said knowing more about the intricacies of the district would allow her to better advocate not just for her ward, but for every patron within the confines of 145’s borders.

“What’s going on in the district, and how can I be a part of that continued excellence,” she said.

In her application, Kappler said she had no immediate suggestions for changes. She told the board she’s interested in evaluating curriculum to ensure that standards are being exceeded, not just met.

She said she doesn’t have a particular agenda or platform in mind.

“I feel like I have a strong ability to be objective,” she said. “To see the big picture and not react based on emotion.”

She recently received her doctorate in Health Care Education from the College of St. Mary, and she will continue teaching at Bryan while serving on the board.

During a special meeting last month held to determine what questions to ask applicants, board members said that not many people understand how many hours per week members dedicate to board-related business.

Kappler said she would not have a problem balancing her professional duties with board duties, as she understands the requirements and thinks they are supportive of each other.

Her teaching experience will likely be useful as a board member, Kappler said.

“It’s a very interdisciplinary collaborative thing,” she said, adding that she would be able to easily collaborate with either board members.

With one meeting already under her belt, Kappler is ready to take on the duties of a board of education member.

“I want to continue to be a part of that culture of education,” she said.

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