WAVERLY – Criminal activity in Waverly has remained low, thanks in large part, to the community’s vigilance, according to a Lancaster County Sheriff’s deputy.

Deputy Dustin Buchheister said that while there has been some trouble, crime remains low because the close-knit community stays alert and keeps those policing the town in the loop.

According to the daily activity log on the County Sheriff’s website, the department fielded 54 calls from the Waverly area in the month of July. The calls were mostly criminal mischief and minor disturbances.

The first four days of July were a little busier than the rest of the month, with the Independence Day revelry bringing about 2.5 calls per day. The rest of the month averaged a little more than one a day.

On July 20, there was a burglary in Wayne Park. Security cameras in the park caught four males, believed to be juveniles, kicking in doors and breaking equipment in several buildings in the park. Buchheister said the vandalism left about $1,300 in damage.

No other information was available on this ongoing investigation.

The Sheriff’s Department would like any help from the community in solving this crime. If you have any information, call the non-emergency contact line at 402-441-6500 or Crimestoppers if you wish to remain anonymous.

Property crimes like vandalism and petty theft remain the largest problems in the Waverly area, Buchheister said.

He said it is important for residents to lock their cars, home and keep their garages closed and locked. These kinds of crimes are often crimes of opportunity, that is crimes with little to no premeditation.

A rash of catalytic converter theft that hit Lincoln seems to have steered clear of Waverly for the most part. There was one instance in May, but Buchheister said that he hasn’t seen any reports since then of thieves making off with the car part.

“We really appreciate the public’s support,” Deputy Buchheister said. “It makes it easy to police.”

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