Jennifer Shakespeare

Jennifer Shakespeare

WAVERLY – School District 145 Foundation for Education has a new Viking Discovery program director.

Jennifer Shakespeare took over as director of the before and after school program, after working there for the past two years as teacher and supervisor.

“I’ve been there since 2016 and have worked my way up the chain,” she said.

Originally from Alaska, Shakespeare brings a diverse leadership perspective to the Viking Discovery Program as a Certified Nurse Aid and Medication Aid.

She has two District 145 students of her own and is invested in the success of the program.

“It helps a lot already being in the program. I want what’s best for my kids and want to make the program even better,” she said.

The Viking Discovery Program provides care for students before and after school, on non-school days and has activities during the summer.

Shakespeare said she is excited to incorporate even more enrichment opportunities for students that attend.

In the past, FFA groups have come in with activities and students from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln brought a cow to the campuses.

These opportunities build positive relationships with the kids, she said.

Her goal for the first year is to build the overall program – that means more enrichment opportunities and increasing enrollment, she said.

The plan is to incorporate more enrichment opportunities on non school days to boost enrollment.

“We need to reach out into the community to see what it has to offer for programs,” she said.

Shakespeare is already looking ahead with opportunities as she’s planning field trips for the summer months.

“We usually take three field trips in the summer. Some of the kids’ favorites have been to Defy Gravity, the movies and multiple trips to Pioneer Park for picnics,” she said.

The program has three locations: Eagle Elementary, Hanlow and the intermediate school, she said.

“I’m excited to build on current program achievements by improving communication systems with families and expanding enrichment partnerships for our students. The Viking Discovery Program is an incredible asset to our community and I’m proud to lead it,” she said.

Program registration packets can be found at all

three locations in the front offices.

For more information about the program and the Foundation, visit

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