PRACTICING WITH PASSION: Members of the cast and crew of Greater Tuna are (from left) Jade Matulka, Calleigh Osmera, Hunter Khol and Lauren Prososki. This year, the One Act directors were Jeff Nelson and Carolyn Enevoldsen. (Staff Photo by Clayton Karloff)

RAYMOND – Raymond Central High School’s One Act ended its season recently but the cast and crew are eager for the next season.

Raymond Central High School One Act Director Jeff Nelson, co-director Carolyn Enevoldsen and the cast and crew started their season in late September. This year, the cast and crew members numbered 32. The play they chose this year was Greater Tuna.

Nelson said it is a comedy that takes a farcical look into the lives of the citizens of the third smallest town in Texas and the various hijinks that ensue.

Raymond Central’s District performance was held at Milford on Nov. 30. The troop earned the runner-up spot among the seven performances.

A plus District acting awards were given to Mikayla Shultz, Colton Arias, Eli Pickel, Hunter Kohl, Ella Kehr, Isaiah Enevoldsen and Eleanah Enevoldsen.

“One Act takes a lot passion and motivation. You have to be heavily invested, as it takes a lot of commitment,” said Raymond Central senior and One Act member Jade Matulka. “It’s a great experience for those with public speaking issues. It let you be yourself, but also someone else at the same time.”

Nelson said that more people than just those who are drama students have both the ability and desire to be a part of something like One Act

“A lot of people have the desire to perform in an artistic way. One Act provides that when there are not many other activities that provide the opportunity,” Nelson said.

He said he believes One Act will be growing more prominent with each passing year, as they see more and more interest in younger students for One Act.

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